Fiscally Responsible Leadership — Making Virginia Beach Sustainable for the Generations

I recently retired after 35 years in Financial Services / Banking as a Certified Fraud Examiner and have lived in Virginia Beach since 2007.  You could call me a "numbers person." If you're being audited, you may not find me much fun to be around, but when the health and wellbeing of the City we all love is at stake, I think you will find me to be your best friend. 

Since 2017, I have spent time scrutinizing the VBGOV budgets and speaking about pension liabilities debts and City Council spending decisions. I want to be the Citizens' voice and advocate on Council to make things better. I believe it is important to focus on providing for Citizens' financial needs.


I am running for the District 8 Virginia Beach City Council position to help improve the City finances, get better spending solutions and promote ways to mitigate ever increasing taxes.


I have no conflicts of interest. I will represent Citizens NOT special interests.


I have served on the Board of the Thalia Civic league for three years.  Since 2018, I have been a volunteer with "Stop The Flooding Now" and have participated in the VA State Legislature of the Joint Subcommittee meetings on Coastal Flooding. 

I have attended/spoken at many meetings of Virginia Beach City Council, the Planning Commission and VBCPublic Schools. I spoke several times in 2022 about $45 million for Resort Site acquisitions and that was removed from budget because Council would not say what sites would be purchased. I am actively engaged to help make better our "Community of a Lifetime" Virginia Beach. I'm passionate about our City and want to do all I can to represent her people and advocate for her good. 


I ask for your VOTE to give me the opportunity to make a difference, so we can all enjoy a financially sustainable life in Virginia Beach.  Thank You 


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